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Terms and Conditions for enrolment at Arabesque Dance and Theatre Academy

Fees are invoiced for the month in advance and emailed directly to you, payment for these must be collected via the GoCardless system, details of which are shown on the invoice.

Fees are to be paid for in full no less than 7 days after due date, failure to do so will result in a late a payment charge being applied.

No reduction is given for missed classed, holidays or illness.

Our term dates can be found here

To comply with fire regulations each pupil must sign in and out of the building. The forms for this can be found as you enter the academy next to to digital lock door.

Upon enrolment at Arabesque Dance and Theatre Academy you will be provided with the code for this door, this MUST remain confidential to those collection and dropping off at the Academy please.

All pupils must wear uniform as stipulated on our website for ALL classes.

If you have given permission for your child to be photographed in class this also means you allow for them to be videoed and for us to share these videos or photographs between staff for training purposes and for us to share them online for publicity purposes.

Please note that we will try in every eventuality to avoid your child being named.

At Arabesque Dance and Theatre Academy we believe that all children without exception have the right to protection from abuse regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality or beliefs and that no child, or group of children should be treated any less favourably than others in being able to access the services and support to meet their needs.

All staff and volunteers have a strict duty never to subject a child to any form of harm or abuse. Failure to adhere to these procedures will be treated as gross misconduct.

Children and their parents / carers who attend Arabesque Dance and Theatre Academy may view our safeguarding or health and safety policies and our mission statement where appropriate, and a copy of all these are always kept at Reception.

I understand that should any medical treatment be necessary whilst my child is attending classes or an event organised through at the academy that every effort will be made to obtain my consent.

However, in an emergency I authorise the staff at Arabesque Dance and Theatre Academy to consent on my behalf to any medical treatment that a qualified doctor feels is necessary.

COVID19 - September 2020 update to enrolment terms, our systems of control for COVID-19 can be found here, please take time to read the procedures in detail.

For more information on our dance classes in Long Eaton, call Arabesque Dance Academy on: 07808 790 857

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